How to start selling on NE Origins? If you have a pre established e-commercebusiness, an amazing new product or even a
passion for supply and demand management,this is how you take the steps with NE Origins.
Register now The beginner’s guide to selling on NE Origins

Welcome to selling on NE origins

At NE Origins we work closely with our customers. Our customers are placed in high regards and we want to be the trusted destination for them to buy products that are certified and authentically from the North-eastern states of India.

As an NE Origins seller your role plays a big part in the in offering the customers top-notch products, with the best prices to keep up with the purely north eastern experience.

The NE Origins cutting edge

Whe you sell with NE Origins you become a part of the value chain of a retail destination that brands the north east and at the same time increases effective visibility of the North eastern image to the rest of the world.

What you will need to get started To complete your registration process, you have to keep the following ready and available:

Legal Business Name


Email Address

Tax Information

Phone Number

Bank Routing Number

When you sell with NE Origins here is what you will be charged. With NE Origins things only get easier. Along with a wider reach of a diverse customer base we aggregate your company and your brand image to the world! Here are the fees you pay for when joining hands with NE Origins

3% Payment Handling Fee

4% Platform and Logistics Fee

5.5% Promotion Fee

5% Cloud Fees

2.5% NE Origins Service Fee

A grand total of a 20% charges is all you have to pay to market your goods on our platform. A bonus is that if you don’t sell, we don’t charge.

0% charges for:

Registration Fees

Listing Fees

Annual Fees